Woo Woo Academy with Joanna Hunter

Joanna Hunter

Read Your Spiritual Resume in The Akashic Records

Learn to read your spiritual resume in the akashic records, never doubt your spiritual abilities again. If you are spiritual called, it's not your first time at the rodeo you have been doing this work in lifetimes!

Joanna Hunter


333Magic is a way of showing up in life & business that creates greater inner peace,abundance & success in the human experience. The 333Magic frame work was completely channelled by Joanna Hunter

Joanna Hunter

Divine Planning- Abundant Profits

Divine Planning - Abundant Profits - Is more than is a course - it's a system and way of doing business for a heart centred entrepreneur. This course will help you massively grow your business + a community of spiritual entrepreneurs

Joanna Hunter

Law of Attraction Master Class

Law of Attraction Master Class with law of attraction expert Joanna Hunter Learn my FIVE step manifestation process in this fab audio course "Be the change you wish to see in the world" ~ Mahatma Ghandi

Joanna Hunter

7 Day Energy Reset

EVERYTHING is Energy and thats all there is to it! If your energy is not all it can be you can bet it will show up as blocks, not getting where you need to go. This 7 Day reset works by helping you balance your 7 main energy centres & create harmony

Joanna Hunter

Money Mojo Master Class

Learn to tap into the universal flow of money with my money mojo masterclass 5 days of amazing content that will help you heal your relationship with MONEY and become a manifesting power house!