Woo Woo Academy with Joanna Hunter
Joanna Hunter
$33.00 / month

Light Lounge

Light Lounge is the place to be if you want to make small changes that give you BIG results in life. This Monthly membership is focused on moving from dark to LIGHT in life by using small increments to shift your reality into the one of your dreams.

Joanna Hunter


333Magic is a way of showing up in life & business that creates greater inner peace,abundance & success in the human experience. The 333Magic frame work was completely channelled by Joanna Hunter

10 x $222.00

Divine Planning - Abundant Profits Academy Bundle

- One stop shop for a spiritual heart centred business

Joanna Hunter

Read Your Spiritual Resume in The Akashic Records

Learn to read your spiritual resume in the akashic records, never doubt your spiritual abilities again. If you are spiritual called, it's not your first time at the rodeo you have been doing this work in lifetimes!

Joanna Hunter

Money Magic Masterclass

This 3 Day Masterclass will massively up grade your money mindset and help you create your very own Money Magic!

Joanna Hunter

Design, Make & Sell Your Own Oracle Cards

This is a complete masterclass that will take your card deck idea to a reality- everything is included to realise your dream!