taught by Joanna Hunter

Course description

333Magic is a complete source guided course to help for a way of showing up in life and business, that will connect you to greater inner peace, fulfilment and abundance by helping you to connect to LightWeb soul based technology  

Joanna  Hunter
Joanna Hunter
Mistress of the Woo Woo at the Woo Woo Academy

Joanna Hunter is a spiritual life and business coach, published author of Get Selfish - The Way Is Through and expert in the Law of Attraction. Owner and founder of the Woo Woo Academy, she lives in the magical Highlands of Scotland where she has a global client base of spiritually open entrepreneurs & change makers who want to "Be the change they wish to see in the world!"

Course Curriculum

Welcome Audio
Welcome, Important Info & Invite to FB Group
Welcome Pack October 2018
Call Links
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Intro -Before You Get Started
How it works - The Source of All Things Video
Intro- Source & Void Video
Intro -Scale of consciousness Video
The Game Changer Audio
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333Magic Live Calls
Live Call Recording's Call 1- 10am & 8pm
Live Call Recordings Call 2 -10am & 8pm
Live call Recordings Call 3 8pm & 10am
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INSIGHTS Module one - YOU
Module One YOU- Video 1 part 1
Module One YOU- Video 1 Part 2
Module one YOU PDF
Module 1 Audio 1
Module 1 Audio 2
You Tube- VIDEO Hillary Andales- video on relativity.
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INSIGHTS Module two - Source
333 Magic -Source
333Magic - Source Audio
333Magic Source - Agents of the Universe Video
333 Magic - SOURCE Energy openers PDF
333 Magic - SOURCE Energy Clearing PDF
Violet Flame Audio
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INSIGHTS Module - Three - Co-creation
Call 3 - Co-creation meet your guides
333 Magic - Co-creation - The conduit PDF
333Magic Co-creation Audio
333Magic Co-Creation Audio 5
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CONCEPTS- Four- Mastery
333 Magic - Mastery - The container PDF
Mastery- Duality
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CONCEPTS- Five- Empowerment
Blessing Ball of Light
333 Magic - Empowerment
333Magic Alchemy of Void energy audio
333 Magic - Empowerment- Journal Prompts
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CONCEPTS- Six - Freedom
333 Magic - Freedom Module 6
333 Magic - Freedom Module 6 - Non negotiable words
Call 6 - Freedom
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STEPS- Module 7- Dream
333 Magic - Dream Module 7
Dreams Audio - the ultimate dream hack
Call 7 - Dream
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STEPS- Module 8 - PLAN
333 Magic - Plan Module 8
Great Exchange Audio
333 Magic - Plan Module 8 Magic wand
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STEPS- Module 9 - ACTION
333 Magic - action Module 9
333 Magic - action Module 9 anatomy of belief
333Magic Celebrate Every win
Call 9 - plan
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Divine Laws
Law of Incremental upgrades
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Blessing Ball of Light
GSP- Global Soul Positioning
Violet Flame
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