Money Mojo Masterclass

Money Mojo Masterclass

taught by Joanna Hunter

Course description

Money is a tool that allow's you to show up more fully in life..... OMG the first time I heard this can you say TRIGGERED? However through my spiritual journey I know that the triggers we experience as humans are area's that are being highlighted by a universe that love's us so much... They are an opportunity to heal an energy within us where we have disconnected with source energy.

Money is a fascinating subject as I don't think there is a more triggering 'thing' in this world- it has the ability to bring out the best and the worst in people - However it can be a gateway to opening up this world and accessing all it has to offer, so for me it's not something that should be feared but embraced, I for one wish to be educated about this subject both spiritually and practically. 

Join me for this journey at the SPECIAL INTRO PRICE of $37~

You will learn: 

- How to clear you money Karma

- Renew your relationships with money

-Create positive new practices that will increase you money manifesting. 

-To SUPER size your manifesting ability where money is concerned. 

-How to heal your "income gap" between where your at and what you want to earn

Joanna  Hunter
Joanna Hunter
Mistress of the Woo Woo at the Woo Woo Academy

Joanna Hunter is a spiritual life and business coach, published author of Get Selfish - The Way Is Through and expert in the Law of Attraction. Owner and founder of the Woo Woo Academy, she lives in the magical Highlands of Scotland where she has a global client base of spiritually open entrepreneurs & change makers who want to "Be the change they wish to see in the world!"

Course Curriculum

Warm Welcome
Welcome- Read First Before Course Starts
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Day ONE - Making Space
Day one - PDF Workbook
🔉Day One - AUDIOS
Debt Bonus sheet
Extra Resources
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Day TWO- Planting New Seeds
Day Two- PDF Workbook
🔉Day Two- AUDIOS
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Day THREE - Unblocking The Flow
Day Three- PDF Workbook
🔉Day Three- AUDIOS
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Day FOUR- Opening the Flood Gates
Day Four- PDF Workbook
🔉Day Four- AUDIOS
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Day FIVE- Receiving
Day Five- PDF Workbook
🔉Day Five- AUDIOS
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