7 Day Energy Reset With Joanna Hunter

7 Day Energy Reset

taught by Joanna Hunter

Course description

7 Day Energy Reset

You feel blocked and you know something needs to change, but what?

You my friend need an Energy upgrade- All that your are, anything that you were and all that you will be is stored in your energy field! But just like a computer can get slow if it has too much crap on the hard drive, so can your ability to move through life with greater ease, flow and joy if your energy is clogged!

This powerful 7 day energy reset teaches you how to move through your 7 main energy centres clearing the energy in all of your energy fields- to give you a super sparkly Reset and get you firing on all cylinders again.

I have the unique ability to see energy, using my years of expertise I have helped hundreds of clients upgrade their energy and feel refreshed, clear and focus once more by showing them how to dump the old and invite the new!

Joanna  Hunter
Joanna Hunter
Mistress of the Woo Woo at the Woo Woo Academy

Joanna Hunter is a spiritual life and business coach, published author of Get Selfish - The Way Is Through and expert in the Law of Attraction. Owner and founder of the Woo Woo Academy, she lives in the magical Highlands of Scotland where she has a global client base of spiritually open entrepreneurs & change makers who want to "Be the change they wish to see in the world!"

Course Curriculum

Warm Welcome ...
✨7 Day Energy Reset Masterclass Workbook
✨Introduction to 7 Day Energy Reset Masterclass
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✨Day 1- The Soul
✨Day One - Energy Clearing
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✨Day 2 - The Astral Body
✨Day Two- Energy Clearing
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✨Day 3-The Subconscious Body
✨Day Three- Energy Clearing
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✨Day 4- The Mental Body
✨Day Four- Energy Clearing
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✨Day 5- The Emotional Body
✨Day Five- Energy Clearing
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✨Day 6- The Causal Body
✨Day Six- The Energy Clearing
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✨Day 7- The Physical Body
✨Day Seven- The Energy Clearing
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Bonus energy clearing for wealth ✨
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