Get Selfish- The Journey

Get Selfish- The Journey

taught by Joanna Hunter

Course description

Many of us go through life thinking we had a tonne of different problems, so we seek solutions for each of these- ye-ah some of the time we get some of the results, but only for the next problem or challenge to come up again and again....

What if there was a way you could heal at a core level and at the same time put everything in your life into alignment to create the dream life you have always wanted?

  • GET- Unstoppable
  • GET- Out of your own way & remove your blocks
  • GET- Clarity on your Soul & Life Purpose
  • GET - The happiness you crave
  • GET- The life you dream off
  • GET- The tools to remove Lack forever
  • GET -Reconnected to the Source of all things- Your SOUL

    - It's time to Get Selfish!

To heal at a core level and connected your own source of everything, to tap into the well of the infinite and live your life on-purpose

Let me show you how in this life transforming 6 week course!

"Get Selfish is life changing. By the second week of the course I had the inspiration, motivation and confidence to make major changes to my life. Both work and personal. Jo makes it so simple to follow but at the same time it really does work. She is a truly amazing and inspirational lady." - Lynne Bruce


"I got lots out of this course! It's a fabulous follow on from Joanna Hunter's book and such a great opportunity to focus on self development and thought awareness. I was excited to see what each week of the course would bring and I certainly wasn't disappointed! If you want to bring focus to your life and really home in on how YOU can change your life, you've found the right place! I can't recommend Joanna enough. Sign up! You'll only wish you'd found her sooner!" - Clare Clader

Joanna  Hunter
Joanna Hunter
Mistress of the Woo Woo at the Woo Woo Academy

Joanna Hunter is a spiritual life and business coach, published author of Get Selfish - The Way Is Through and expert in the Law of Attraction. Owner and founder of the Woo Woo Academy, she lives in the magical Highlands of Scotland where she has a global client base of spiritually open entrepreneurs & change makers who want to "Be the change they wish to see in the world!"

Course Curriculum

Welcome & Introduction - Hope
Course principles
Welcome VIDEO
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Week One - Dream
Week One - Build That Dream VIDEO
Get Selfish The Journey week One - Build That Dream
Week One - Gratitude Shift
Week One - Clear the Space for Healing VIDEO
Get Selfish The Journey week One - Clear the Space for Healing
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Week Two - Harmony
Week Two - Fire the Critic, Hire the Cheerleader Video
Fire The Critic, Hire The Cheerleader
Week Two - Self Limiting Beliefs VIDEO
Self Limiting Beliefs PDF
Self Limiting Beliefs Audio
Week Two - Power Statement VIDEO
Crafting Your Power Statement PDF
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Week Three - Peace
Week Three - Who Has The Power VIDEO
Week 3 - Who Has The Power PDF
Week Three - Greatest Teachers VIDEO
Greatest Teachers PDF
Week Three - Energy Openers and Closers
Energy Openers and Closers PDF
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Week Four - Laughter
Week Four - Alignment
Week 4 -Alignment PDF
Alignment Words Exercise
Week Four - Soul Alignment VIDEO
Alignment Soul Meditation
Week Four - Love & Fear
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Week Five - Joy
Week Five - Serving My Soul
Serving My Soul PDF
Week Five - Permission Slips
Permission slips
Week Five - Vibrations
Vibration PDF
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Week Six - Love
Week Six - Visual Anchors
Week 6 Visual Anchors PDF
Week Six - Putting it all Together
Week 6 - putting it all together PDF
Week Six - Personal Pledge
Week 6 - Personal Pledge PDF
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✨Transformational Tool Box✨
💖Gratitude Journal
💖Emotional Freedom Technique - EFT or Tapping
💖Violet Flame
Dr David Hawking's Map Of Consciousness
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